Postcard – Prague

Lets start travelling Europe I say! And the first European trip of the ‘Four Blissful Feet’ was to Prague! So, what better way can there be, than to share our journeys from there 🙂

Purba was always fascinated by Prague, so the day she joined me in Germany, I booked the tickets for the two of us. Kept it as a surprise trip. It was fun to watch her fiddling with the GPS all the way from Frankfurt to Prague, trying to guess where we were travelling to 🙂

Charles Bridge - Prague

Charles Bridge is synonymous with Prague. One of the highlights of the city I can say. The entire bridge is lined with several artists selling their work. The bridge was the only connection between the Prague Castle and the old town, or the Alstadt as they call it, till late 1800’s and hence is a pretty important monument as well. The view of Prague castle from Charles bridge is quite fascinating! Well, may be I will make another post about the same some other time… Stay tuned 🙂

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