Besalu moat and bridge

Besalu – A Spanish medieval town

Our trip to Spain was sudden and not very well planned, and yet it turned out to be one of the most adventurous trips that we have had. We had planned to visit Castelfollit de la Roca, a beautiful cliff-top town. This was completely off the tourist circuit. We boarded a bus for our destination, and our fellow passengers were all locals, with not a single person able to understand English (not even the driver).

Besalu stairs
Besalu town stairs

As we drove past the scenic route, amongst the trees, peeped a magnificent golden castle! We were literally taken aback by the beauty of it, probably because we had not expected to see anything but villages on our route. As we swerved past the castle, with its impressive moat and bridge, we made up our minds that we would stop here on our way back.

Besalu Town
Besalu Town

When we returned back we did realize that the castle was not in fact as much golden as shades between white to brown. Probably the time of the day and the sun’s reflection had attributed to it looking golden, when we first saw it. Nevertheless it was still a unique find, and it gave us such happiness to think we discovered a new place 😉
The town shines as an important relic of the Middle Ages, with its Romanesque bridge with an additional gateway at the centre. The cobbled streets take you back to a different era altogether. The castle town houses small shops selling toys representing the knights from the Middle Ages. One cannot make out where the forted area ends and where the town starts. It has just all merged together now.

Medieval knight toys
Medieval knight toys

The town also houses a Synagogue from the medieval era and a Jewish bath from the 11th century. Even if one is not a history person, the sheer joy of walking down the streets and getting lost in the beauty is reason enough to visit Besalu.

Besalu streets
Besalu streets

Our only regret: We did not have enough time to explore the castle and village. We would have loved to spend an entire day here. But we did witness a beautiful sunset 🙂

Besalu sunset
Besalu sunset

• If you plan to take a bus down to this town, be sure to carry a bus time table with you. We lost ours and we would’ve landed in a mess if a local wouldn’t have handed us his own schedule.
• There are pretty little cafes in the castle village and you can enjoy a cup of coffee.
• Since this is not a very touristy place, the shops close at around 5 pm, so make your return trip plan accordingly.
• We visited in early November. It wasn’t too cold but the changing colors added to the beauty of the place.

Parking and coffee shops
Parking and coffee shops Canada: $99 or Less

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