Castlefollit de la Roca

Cliff town of Castellfollit de la Roca, Spain

Travelling is all about getting lost. Getting lost in the culture, wilderness and streets of places you never knew existed. While we were planning our trip to Spain a few years back, one of our friends told us about a small town deep inside the Catalonia region; Castellfollit de la Roca. When we read about the place ourselves, we knew that we HAD to visit the place. How can anyone not visit a village sitting pretty on top of a high cliff which is barely two houses wide? The sight of a church at the edge of the cliff made the place even more appealing.

Castlefollit de la Roca
Castlefollit de la Roca

When we reached the place after a 90 min bus ride from Girona, it was every bit as beautiful we were hoping it to be. The high basalt cliff shaped by two rivers flowing on either side of it, the houses on top of the cliff, precariously built, the beautiful church at the edge of it. Everything was so unique that we kept wondering how come we never heard of such a beautiful place. We just roamed around the place for good couple of hours. Best part of it was we were the only two people there who were visitors. We had realized this when we boarded the bus from Girona. We had trouble explaining the bus driver where we wanted to get off as they did not understand English much. And well, our Spanish was no good either, but we somehow managed. The locals there were extremely helpful in guiding us to the bus stops and also requesting us to ensure that we catch the bus while returning as there were very few of those and that too not at regular intervals. One helpful gentleman gave us his own bus time table after realizing that we had less idea about the bus timing for our journey back to Girona.

Our short trip from Girona to Castellfollit de la Roca was enough to make us realize that the world is full of amazing places which are still unexplored. It gave us a kick to travel to such places and explore the unexplored. Explore the culture and learn about them. Explore the places and smile. Explore the food and enjoy! Canada: $99 or Less

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