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Affimity is a pleasant relief in the world of social media clutter. Its tag line that states “Social Networks Reimagined” aptly defines what Affimity brings to the table. Any social media conversation that happens over Affimity is confined to the relevant channel.

So if I being a travel blogger want to share my travel experiences, Affimity makes sure that I am heard by travel enthusiasts and not a whole bunch of people who are not really interested in travel. They have done this by segregating conversations into buckets called “Channels”. When you subscribe to Affimity, you select which channels you are interested in, e.g. Food, Travel, etc., limiting you to have meaningful conversations and subscribe to relevant user generated content. And yes, I call it a conversation and not post because Affimity gives you the ability to respond and interact with each other.

Affimity Channels
Affimity Channels

An additional feature that I really like is the “Questions” section of each channel. People can ask questions related to the channel you are subscribed to, for e.g. “Which is the best place to visit in India in March?” and they will receive response from like-minded people. This adds to the conversational element of Affimity.

For Travellers / Travel Enthusiasts

Those who are looking to learn more from personal experience of other travelers and go beyond the standard travel articles found all over the web, Affimity is a great place to get user-generated content from people’s first-hand experiences. Affimity users can subscribe to interest based channels that they are interested in and further follow other users who they think post interesting content.

Users do not have to go looking for other travelers and writers all over the web. Finding relevant travel blogs otherwise needs some research and you are still not certain to find the ones whose writing style you can connect with. Facebook lets you make groups but there are numerous groups out there that it gets difficult keeping track sometimes. Affimity shows you only targeted profiles you would love to follow.

For Bloggers

As a blogger, having explored Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, trying to learn growth hack tips on social media, Affimity is such a pleasant relief. I have gained more social media followers through Affimity in just a month than I have done yet on Facebook and Instagram, even after putting in so many futile hours of marketing efforts on Facebook and Instagram. In Affimity it is just about putting in your content and the relevant channel subscribers can hear you.

Twitter is about finding the right hashtags and even then creating a buzz is a challenge. It takes a lot of time to learn tricks for the platform. Instagram is another tough nut to crack. Even with good photographs, it takes a lot of time to increase your account followership and reach relevant readers. Travel bloggers who are good storytellers but lack photography skills sometimes do not gain much from Instagram.

In Facebook you need to join the right groups to be connected to other influencers and relevant bloggers. Even then there are so many that you sometimes lose track of them. Joining such groups also does not really mean an increase in your followership. Reaching your target followers is extremely difficult and time-consuming.

Buzz Feed
Buzz Feed

It is much easier to get noticed on Affimity than on any other social media website, sans any additional marketing efforts. Affimity is an open social platform unlike Facebook which does not display your accounts anywhere, other than when you pay them for marketing purposes. With Affimity, every time you post your content, it comes up on the channel “New” section and each conversation that really picks up with the users comes up in the “Buzz” section. It’s as easy as that!

Channel Leaderboard
Channel Leaderboard

A blogger’s life is simplified a little bit by Affimity by helping them reach targeted followers, courtesy their interest based channels. All a blogger now needs to do is produce good content. Producing some good content at regular intervals and getting a good “Buzz” also helps a blogger to be ranked on the “Channel Leaderboard”, which is great motivation and not to mention great marketing for a blogger sans any additional marketing efforts or spend.

Affimity Profile
Affimity Profile

For Brands

Although I have not yet seen many brands using Affimity, I believe it would help cut the clutter for them as well. It would help them reach their target audiences to promote advertisements or brand messaging. It would also help them reach the right influencers for each interest based channel. Right now in India it is difficult to identify and reach out to influencers in many categories. Affimity, with its targeted channels, Channel Leaderboard and a display of each user’s Affimity user level and followership, can help brands identify influencers for each category.

So check out my Affimity profile and give it a try yourself:

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