Postcard – Sankt Goar, Germany

We took our first road trip in Europe by the river Rhine, and I must say it was fantastic! Passing through small towns in between Frankfurt and Koblenz and getting lost in the way is an experience we will never forget. While driving we lost our way (literally) and found ourselves driving through some of the most beautiful landscapes.

Here is a postcard from our road trip after we got lost in a small town named Sankt Goar.

Farms at Sankt Goar, Germany

We realized after this, that getting lost somewhere is probably the best way to really get to know that place!

Keep getting lost….Keep exploring 🙂

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The Thiksey Monastery (or Thiksey Gompa) of Leh is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the region. The Thikse monks are set apart as they wear a yellow head gear, and they are called the “Yellow Hat Monks”.

The monastery is famous for its resemblance with the “Potala Palace” of Lhasa. The Potala Palace was the residence of the Dalai Lama, until the 14th Dalai Lama had to move to India in 1959.

The locals tell a story that initially the Thikse Gompa was planned to look exactly like the Potala Palace. Monks painted the Potala Palace on a large piece of cloth and carried it to Leh, to use as reference for Thikse. But en route it started to rain, and parts of the painting got smudged. That is the reason, locals say, Thikse could not be made as an exact replica of Potala but only bears a resemblance.

Thiksey Monastery

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Venice - Canal

Postcard – Venice

Nothing else describes Venice better than the canals. The narrow waterways, the lined up buildings and houses and the foot-over bridges. The place has so much history encapsulated within the small archipelago, that you will find something exciting at every corner. One has to visit the place to truly understand how beautiful and different it is from the rest of the world!

Venice - Canal

Go Travel!

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Postcard – Prague

Lets start travelling Europe I say! And the first European trip of the ‘Four Blissful Feet’ was to Prague! So, what better way can there be, than to share our journeys from there 🙂

Purba was always fascinated by Prague, so the day she joined me in Germany, I booked the tickets for the two of us. Kept it as a surprise trip. It was fun to watch her fiddling with the GPS all the way from Frankfurt to Prague, trying to guess where we were travelling to 🙂

Charles Bridge - Prague

Charles Bridge is synonymous with Prague. One of the highlights of the city I can say. The entire bridge is lined with several artists selling their work. The bridge was the only connection between the Prague Castle and the old town, or the Alstadt as they call it, till late 1800’s and hence is a pretty important monument as well. The view of Prague castle from Charles bridge is quite fascinating! Well, may be I will make another post about the same some other time… Stay tuned 🙂

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Postcard – Leh

Tsemo Monastery
Tsemo Monastery, Leh

The Tsemo Monastery is perched on top of a steep cliff, higher above the Leh Palace. This shot has been taken from the Shanti Stupa, which is right opposite the monastery. The day we shot this pic, it was extremely windy and cloudy. The clouds were constantly moving, providing patches of light and different shades on the mountain ranges.

We had to wait approximately 20 mins in the chilly windy open space outside Shanti Stupa to get the perfect shot! Here the clouds are covering the mountains at the back but sunlight falls directly on the mountains behind the monastery, creating this beautiful play of colors. The blue and numb fingers at the end of the shot were totally worth it! 🙂

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‘Julley’ – The Magical word of Ladakh

Prayer Flags
Prayer Flags

Julley!! (Pronounced as – Joo-lay)The one word that works like magic anywhere in Ladakh. Add a warm smile along with it and it serves as an ice breaker with the locals.

It basically means Hi, Hello or Greetings in local language. So, if you are planning to visit Ladakh and wish to mingle with locals there, whether the hotels owners, bike rentals or even the monks at various monasteries, Julley would work like a charm! So, go ahead and enjoy the warmth of locals at Ladakh. That is the best way to know the place 🙂


And yes, while there, enjoy the beautiful landscapes! You cant miss them 🙂

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