Photojourney – Rani ki Vav and Modhera Sun Temple

We visited these hidden gems back in 2012. We have tried to capture the beauty of these places in words in our post Hidden Gems of Gujarat – Rani ki Vav and Mothera Sun Temple. In this post I will try to share the beauty of these places in pictures.

Well, its quite needless to say that cameras, howsoever pro they are, will never be able to match with the experience one has by visiting places. This post will be my first attempt to try and share the beauty of these places in pictures.

IMG_0973 - Copy aThe first view of the stepwell is really overwhelming. I had not seen anything this beautiful ever!

The first thing that you come across after taking a few steps down the stepwell  are the Pillar Stubs.


Notice the asymmetric placement of the stubs. They say, in ancient times none of the architecture was built perfectly only God can create anything ‘perfect’ and not mortal humans..
The same is true for Notre Dame cathedral in Paris..and we also observed it at Rani ki Vav.


Designed as an inverted temple highlighting the sanctity of water, the construction showcases mastery in hand carving during 11th century.

IMG_0998 IMG_0966

The stepwell has close to 1000 minor sculptures depicting snippets of Indian mythology

IMG_1026 IMG_1044 IMG_1042

All Vishnu avatars have been depicted. The above pictures have 1) Varahavatar and 2) Vishvamitra being seduced by Menaka 3) Maa Durga


Depiction of Vishkanya, signified by the presence of poisonous Scorpion on her leg



Other than mythology, the stepwell has some unique patterns. These are the patterns which inspire the very famous ‘Patan ka Patola’ sarees



The details of the sculptures that have been depicted is amazing and makes you wonder about the wealth of knowledge and artistry back in 11th century

Modhera Sun Temple

Next, we headed towards Modhera Sun temple, which was equally stunning!


The sight of birds flying home during evening by the backdrop of the temple was beautiful


The temple itself was majestic


And another stepwell awaited us..


Managed to capture some dramatic angles..

IMG_1155a IMG_1176

…and the beautiful architecture.

The one thing that really impressed me was the manner in which these historical places have been preserved and being maintained. The ASI is really doing a great job with it.

That’s it for the first Photojourney of FourBlissfulFeet. Several more will follow!

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Hidden Gems of Gujarat – Rani ki Vav and Mothera Sun Temple

Let me just begin by saying that I love to travel to different places. And I am lucky enough to have a husband who loves travelling as much as I do. So, we form a great team!

I have been lucky enough to be able to travel to several European countries while on assignments. But with Europe, you always expect it to be beautiful. Whether it is the Black forest of Germany, a small coastal town of Spain, or the Swiss Alps. You can almost be certain that the experience will be pleasing. During times like these, you tend to forget the wealth of beauty our own country holds.

On returning back to India, we decided to explore our own country as we explored Europe. We had a tough time deciding upon our first trip route. Keeping in mind the time of the year (It was August) and rains all over the place, we zeroed it down to Gujarat. Afterall, Big B himself invites us all there! And I must say, I still feel like going there again.

The places we visited have got so much history, and thanks to Archeological Survey of India, have been maintained exceptionally well. If only we could promote these places as the Europeans promote their forts and palaces as tourist destinations.

Let me trace our Gujarat journey here. We started off from Ahmedabad early morning to a place called Patan, which is famous for a historical place called Rani ki Vav.RaniKiVav

Rani Ki Vav

I will not be exaggerating if I say that Rani ki Vav is probably the most beautiful place I have seen in India! Rani ki Vav is the oldest and the grandest step-well I have ever seen. The beautiful and ornate carvings on the walls tell the story of the place and beliefs of the people in Solanki Dynasty. The size of the step-well is so huge that the tourists appear as miniatures from the top. Being interested in photography as well, I tried to capture the beauty of the place through my lens, but the true beauty can only be experienced by visiting the place itself. After spending good 3-4 hours there we headed to our next stop which was the Sun Temple at Modhera.

The Sun Temple at Modhera is another architectural wonder of Gujarat which would feature in my favorite architecture for a long time to come. Like Rani ki Vav, Modhera Sun Temple is also maintained and managed by Archeological Survey of India and hence is again in a very good state. What I have experienced at certain other places of historical importance in India is that either the place itself is in dilapidated state and also abused severely by tourists who take the heritage for granted. But that is certainly not the case in Gujarat.


Mothera Sun Temple

We also visited Dwarka and Somnath during our trip and were equally impressed by the beauty of the places. In Dwarka, apart from the main temple, there was a Rukmani Temple that we really liked. There is something really unique that we saw here: a group of Sadhus sit outside the temple. You don’t have to pay each of the Sadhus individually; simply give some offering to the lead Sadhu and at the end of the day they distribute the entire earnings amongst themselves. Ans when you pay the lead sadhu, the entire gang raise their hand and bless you at unison!


I would recommend everyone to visit these places whenever they are making any next travel plans and bask in the beautiful glory of our country!

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